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Aníkena's wild designs reveal women's savage beauty

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Take home the treasures of Tulum

You are now closer to the style that made you fall in love with Tulum. In this online boutique, you will find the unique pieces that communicate the essence of our community, which can now be yours no matter where you are.

Located amid the jungle of Tulum, this boutique is a tribute to diversity, ancient history, the might of nature and millenary tradition. In a multisensorial experience, it invites you to interact with space in order to perceive fashion form a visceral and aesthetic impulse.

Nested in a charming corner of Valladolid, a quaint colonial town in Yucatán, this boutique gathers history, tradition and craft in a space that attempts to rescue ancient manufacturing techniques of several corners of Latin America and fuse them with cutting-edge design.

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