Located amid the jungle of Tulum, this boutique is a tribute to diversity, ancient history, the might of nature and millenary tradition. In a multisensorial experience, it invites you to interact with space in order to perceive fashion form a visceral and aesthetic impulse.

We are guided by a philosophy of conscience and transformation. Zak Ik strives to create a new way of engaging with design through garments made by local artists and some of the world’s most disruptive brands, which conceive clothing as an element of change and innovation.



With paths that emerge from water mirrors, walls made out of interlaced bejuco branches, and a mystical ambiance created by atmospheric lighting, this store challenges conventional logic and invites us to forge deeper bonds with the unique pieces in display.

True to the concept of ephemeral architecture, this gallery is in constant movement and transformation. At the same time, the designers who have found here a home for their creations work under the principles of fair trade to guide their creative process and the materials they use in each piece. Thus, space and artworks come together to honor our intention to reconnect with the environment and ourselves, to enhance how we appear to the world while we revalue the beauty of nature.



Nested in a charming corner of Valladolid, a quaint colonial town in Yucatán, this boutique gathers history, tradition and craft in a space that attempts to rescue ancient manufacturing techniques of several corners of Latin America and fuse them with cutting-edge design.

All of the garments and decorative objects on our shelves have been made by expert hands following firm ethics on production and trade. We recover ancestral dying methods, the beauty of artisanal embroidery, the elegance of organic fabrics and the ingenuity of craftsmen to make each piece unique. Zak Ik Valladolid is an ode to universal culture, where the beauty of the past is reinterpreted to meet the sophistication of modern lifestyles.

Editor’s market

Zak Ik Valladolid seeks to explore the various facets of craftsmanship through different mediums, techniques and objects. We have conceived this boutique as an editor’s market, where all the pieces inside this space are available for purchase.

From the chairs in our dressing rooms to the decorative vases on our shelves, every piece has been carefully curated to be in tune with the fine artisanal line drawn by our clothes and their designers. We strive to show authentic forms of craft that honor the history and culture of those whose traditions have given life to this boutique.